How to add JavaScript code to WordPress website or blog

Many people have asked me that they want to add the codes of my blog How to disable Copy and Paste in your website and How to disable right click menu on website into their WordPress website.

This blog is showing each and every steps which are needed to add those codes into the WordPress Website or Blog.

Step 1: Go to your WordPress login page and type your “Username” and “Password” to login.

Customize WordPress js
Login to WordPress

Step 2: Go to Plugins area.

Customize WordPress js
WordPress Dashboard

Step 3: Click on “Add New” button from top side of the plugins page.

Customize WordPress js

Step 4: Search a plugin named Header and Footer Script.

Customize WordPress js
Search Plugins

Step 5: Click on install button to install that plugin and after that activate it.

Customize WordPress js
Install plugin
Customize WordPress js
Activate plugin

Step 6: Now go to settings -> Header and Footer Script.

Customize WordPress js
Header & footer script menu

Step 7: Write all your JavaScript code to the header part. Codes are shown in my previous blog.

Customize WordPress js
Adding JavaScript Codes

Step 8: Click on Save Settings.
customize WordPress js

Now your website is loaded with customized JavaScript code.

These Steps are also present in Video.

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