Making Bootable USB Flash drive by using Command Prompt

Making Bootable USB Drive

There are many software or tools present on internet which convert your USB Pen Drive to bootable USB pen drive. But still many of us want to know the core process of making bootable USB Pen drive. Some of them may be a developer who want to create their own tools.

I am going to describe the process of making bootable USB pen drive through Command Prompt. But before doing this you need a USB Pen Drive of at least 4 GB storage space. It is highly recommended. You can choose a Pen drive more than 4 GB space but can’t less than 4 GB. You have to follow these steps:

Step1: Click on Start button and go through “All Programs” to “Command Prompt (CMD)”
On newer version of Window: press window key and type CMD. Command prompt will come in the list of your result.

Step2: Right click on “Command Prompt (CMD.exe)” and click on “Run as Administrator”.

Step3: Now on command Prompt type the command “DISKPART”. The default prompt of that window will change to “DISKPART>”. It shows that diskpart utility is running.

Step4: The Command “list disk” will show the list of all disk currently available in your pc or laptop. Recognize your Pen drive by storage capacity and remember the disk number for further steps.

Step5: Use command “Select Disk <number>”. Here <number> is the number of your USB pen drive remembered by you in Previous step.

Step6: Use command “Clean” to clean your USB drive.

Step7: Use command “create partition primary”. It will create a partition.

Step8: Use command “Select partition 1” to select partition 1.

Step9: Use command “Active” to make the above selected partition active.

Step10: Use command “Format fs=ntfs quick”. It formats the partition quickly.

Step11: Use Command “Assign” to assign any latter to drive.

Step12: Now type “Exit” to leave Diskpart utility.


Now you have created your bootable USB Drive. But if you want to install the OS by using it then you have to copy all files into it.

To copy bootable files into your bootable USB drive use the following steps:

Step1: Mount your OS image file (iso or any other) to your virtual drive or Insert your OS DVD to DVD drive. Let the os dvd drive is “j” and Bootable USB drive is “k”.

Step2: On command Prompt type the command as follow:

Xcopy j:\*.* k:\*.* /s /e

It will copy all files to your bootable USB drive “k”. Now wait for completing the process.

Note: Your Antivirus or Firewall will not allow a boot file to copy into bootable drive. You have to disable it for this step only.

Disclaimer: Always use branded USB pen drive for this process and prevent yourself for frequently making any USB pen drive to Bootable USB pen drive.

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