Hacking AppLock in Android devices

Disable AppLock in Android Phone or Device (Hacking AppLock)

Many smartphone user using applock in their devices. It is a very popular application in the world of Android devices. They are hiding or locking their app, pictures, videos etc. in their devices. They are thinking that they are secured but some of them have made a common mistake. We are going to take the advantage of their mistake. For this you don’t have the requirement of root access.

For this you have to access their phone only and need to follow these steps:

Step1: Go to Setting->App manager. Under download section will see a list.

Step2: Select (Tap on) “AppLock” from that list. It will open a new window before you. You don’t need to uninstall the application. It is not required.

Step3: Now, tap on “Force Stop” button. It will disable the functionality of appLock.

Now the app is in disable/offline mode and you can use any app from that device without any password.

It is a simple process of bypassing AppLock application. But one thing which I want to tell to my reader is that if you are using any security app like Applock then don’t forget to lock “Setting” of that device. After reading this you are able to know that this will only happen if you forgot to lock “setting” panel. One can’t bypass the security of AppLock without accessing the “setting” panel.

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