How to Play Android App/Games on Windows PC

Many windows user wants to play their favorite android games on windows pc for bigger screen and more fun. Some of us wants to use whatsapp and other apk in their windows to separate their personal and official whatsapp account.

I am writing this blog for you to play Android Apps and Games on windows. There are several technologies available to do so but my favorite is BlueStack. It is just like any other application of windows and simple to use it. Just download it, install it and run it very simple.

Downloading and Installing BlueStack on your Windows Pc

To download BlueStack click here.  The latest version of BlueStack is 3.

After downloading bluestack install it to your windows pc. Its installation process is just like any other software.

Now launch the BlueStack application from your desktop icon or from program files. Launching process takes few seconds based on your system configuration.


But this process only install BlueStack to your pc. If you want to play android apps and games you have to configure it.

How to install android apk in BlueStack of your windows pc

There are several ways to configure BlueStack according to your need. The simple way is to bring apk file and install in it.

To do so go to your BlueStack window and take a look on the bottom of that screen. It contains three buttons “Multi instance”, “Install apk” and “Uninstall”.
Click on Install apk button and it will display an open dialog box with the default location of your documents from your pc. Go to that location in which you have downloaded or saved apk file of your android app or game.


Choose your apk and click on open. Now enjoy your favorite android game or app on your pc.

The another way of it is to configure Google Play Store

To configure Play store go to “My app” tab of BlueStack window and click on “System app”.

This folder contains many app which include “Google Play Store”. Now click on google play store and configure it just like configuring it in your smartphone.


That’s it. Now download your favorite android app or game from google play store and enjoy it on your windows pc. But one last thing …. check your internet connection before configuring Google play store and downloading android app or game.

Most amazing feature: Use “Multi instance” button from bottom corner of Blue Stack window to run multiple copy of bluestack and each instance contain different list of your apps which was configured by you. But the number of instance is limited because it is based on the RAM capacity of your windows pc.

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