Top VPs and Dedicated Server Hosting package

Top Hosting package

There are many hosting packages which includes ssl certificate. You have to choose right one according to your requirements.

But if you are going for an ssl certificate then it is recommended that go with dedicated IP plan. Don’t go with shared hosting where too many sites are available on same ip.

I saw many plans over internet but I am going to discuss some of them. These are as follows:

Dedicated server: it is one of the most important type of hosting. Dedicated server or managed server hosting is a type of hosting in which you are going to take all the resources related to that server. They give these resources only for you and no one can use it. You are paying all expenses related to that server in the terms of package price. The price of dedicated server is dependent on the technology of that server (RAM, Processor, HDD etc.)


VPS: it stands for Virtual private server. There is no any physical existence of these type of servers but they exist logically. Virtualization is a technique by which they manage separate server by sharing the hardware resources of main system. These virtualization is generally based on Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Dedicated IPs are also provided in these type of hosting. It is best for those persons who are not able to afford Dedicated Server or whose work is not so heavy.

Some of the VPS and dedicated server plans are as follows:

Hosting Privider VPS Plan Dedicated Plan For more details Visit website


Starting At $19.95/mo Starting At$79.00/mo Click Here


Starting at ₨ 999.00/mo Starting at ₨ 4,719.00/mo Click Here


Starting at $19.99/mo Starting at $79.99/mo Click Here


Starting at $19.99/mo Starting at $119.99/mo Click Here


Starting at $19.99/mo Starting at $119.99/mo Click Here


Starting at $19.99/mo. Starting at $9999/mo. Click Here


Starting at $ 15/mo  

Starting at $149/mo


Click Here


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