What is SSL?

What is SSL?

SSL is known as secure socket layer. It is used to secure the website & customers data sent by them. It encrypt your data before sending. SSL converts an Http:// url into https://. HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol-secure socket layer.

                There are many types of SSL Certificates available. Which are as follows:

Domain Validated Certificates (DV):- DV certificates encrypt data at the same high level as other certificates, but the identity verification is limited to verifying that the certificate being issued to the correct owner of the domain for the certificate. Small business websites prefer Domain Validated Certificates due to quick issuance and lower price.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV):- OV certificates verify that the certificate is being issued to an established organization. An OV certificate includes company name and its address, providing high-level of assurance to the end users.

Extended Validated Certificates (EV):- EV certificates are issued after an extensive review of the company by the certificate authority following the standards of Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum. The address bar turns green once the visitor enters website establishing customer trust increasing sale conversions.

Wildcard Certificates:- Wildcard SSL certificates secure a single domain and all the sub domains of that domain. Any sub domain added by the business in the future, will be automatically secured by the wildcard SSL certificate. This can be a cost effective and flexible security solution.

                You can select any one of the above according to your requirement.

Where to buy?

If you know that which type of SSL you needed then go and buy it. But you need some more information. For this I am here. There are many ssl provider but I will discuss very few of them which are popular and reliable over internet.

                There are two ways to buy an SSL certificate. The first one is to buy it with your hosting plan and the second one is to buy it from 3rd party and install it to your hosting server. I will describe both options in my new post:

“Best SSL provider” and

“Top Hosting Package with SSL Certificate”

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